What are Direct-Fed Microbials?


· Direct-Fed Microbials (DFM) is the term used to identify microbes or bacteria which are fed to supplement an animal’s diet.  The human counterpart is called “Probiotic”.  Many people supplement their daily diet with “Probiotic” in the form of yogurt or a daily pill supplement-in either case-these are live bacteria.


· Humans and animals have live bacteria in their digestive system. It is the “good

         bacteria” that aids in digestion. It is the bad bacteria or pathogenic bacteria that

         causes diseases. Antibiotics are used to kill bad bacteria but unfortunately also kills

         good bacteria. Stress and transportation are some examples of events that also kill good



· Using our DFM helps restore and replenish the good bacteria, which permits the animal to operate at maximum efficiency.

What can Performance do ?

         Performance contains direct-fed microbials and enzymes, as well as live yeast. This package of bacteria, enzymes and yeast are tailored to each specific specie  to improve their digestive health by adding beneficial bacteria, enzymes, and live yeast to aid feed utilization.  


· Help control rumen pH (in cows) by natural bacteria actions, resulting in a more balanced, efficient rumen.


· Aid in higher glucose production.


· Increase feed intake.


· Increase fiber digestion.